The voles are coming! The voles are coming!

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August 24, 2016
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January 25, 2017

The voles are coming! The voles are coming!

I think I have moles in my mulch beds. What are these web-like trails on my lawn near mulch beds that I find when the snow melts in the spring? I plant tulips and bulbs every fall and they appear to have been eaten up by spring. What is doing this?

We have many phone calls for these scenarios every year. Many people think they have moles or chipmunks. Most folks do not even realize that they have a vole problem. Homeowners usually say “What’s a vole?” Voles are small rodents that are slightly larger than mice, have shorter ears and tail, and are darker brown in color. Vole are herbivores that eat grass, fruit and fibrous plants. Like most rodents, they must gnaw on hard objects to keep their teeth filed down. They are known to chew on roots and bark around the base of trees and wooded plants. They do not hibernate so they are active year-round. They also reproduce quickly. A female vole can potentially have a litter every three weeks!

If you have vole issues, now is the time to get it fixed!

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