Correcting repairs from a previous company

Spring is around the corner! Is your home prepared to keep pests out?
January 25, 2017
We are rolling out an all new green treatment service plan!
June 28, 2017
We were called by a home owner that had work done for bats and flying squirrels by another company. The repairs to their house did not resolve their bat or flying squirrel problem. The previous national wildlife control chain sealed house parts of the structure with foam insulation to keep bats out. They did not seal anything off over 30 feet up. I can only guess they did not have a ladder over 24 feet. Spray foam insulation seems like a great idea by the untrained user. I have used it early on in my career. What I found is that foam insulation deteriorates over time, rodents can easily chew through it, and it looks terrible. We have been using a terpolymer sealant, stainless steel mesh, and flashing to withstand the elements and rodent chewing.

We are certified, licensed, and insured. We also give a multi-year warranty on total seal exclusion work.

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