Avon, CT

Pest Control Services for Avon, CT

Avon, CT is known for its mountainous scenery that is often used for recreational purposes throughout the year. The mountains in Connecticut also create the perfect home for many different types of insects and wildlife.

Our team at Nuking Street Pest and Wildlife Control is available to take care of any residential and commercial pest issues that you are dealing with. We also offer wildlife control services to help get rid of unwanted rodents that might be lingering on your property.

If you notice any damage on your home or business that looks like it could’ve been caused by an unwanted guest such as a rodent, we can repair it for you. After repairs are done, our team can walk you through a few things that may prevent rodents and pests from damaging your property again in the future.

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At Nuking Street Pest and Wildlife Control, we take pest control very seriously. We understand the headache that it can be to deal with these issues that are usually out of our control. Give us a call if you are in need of any pest control services.