Cheshire, CT

Pest Control Services for Cheshire, CT

Cheshire is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut. The town covers an area of 33 square miles, mostly land. Many creatures call the area home including bats, bees, wasps, rats, and spiders. Most of these pests are harmless nuisances but they do not belong on our properties.

They can cause property damage, they can bite or sting someone, and can be a general nuisance. Rats can chew their way through many things including cardboard boxes, plastic packages, wood, and many other things. This not only destroys the items they chew but they make a mess. Spiders can be harmless but they scare many people, especially children. Regardless of the type of pests you may have on your property, they don’t belong there, and you want them gone. That is where we can help!.

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At Nukingstreet Pest and Wildlife Control, we provide professional pest control services to the Cheshire, CT area. Our team of exterminators can remove any pest you may have on your property including rats, spiders, and bees. We also provide bed bug treatment services. They are hard bugs to get rid of on your own with store-bought treatments. Our team of professionals will do a thorough job that eliminates any bed bug problem for you much more effectively than store-bought options. Contact us today to schedule your pest control services!.